Friday, June 25, 2010

Niagara Falls.

Aren't natural wonders like this A-MAZ-ING?
Mom bought the pass so we could experience all the wonders Niagara has to offer. 
First Up:
The Aquarium.
Rachel & Wade thought it was the best thing since ice cream after church on Sundays. 
I thought it was the worst thing since I found out I always have to sit with my legs crossed at church. 
But, moving right along,

Next up: The Maid of the Mist.
(It should actually be called The Lioness in the Eye of the Hurricane.)
Once you were right up next to the waterfall It just pounded & poured on top of us. You couldn't even see anything. We were all soaked. The ponchos did about as much work as Santa Claus does the day after Christmas.

Thirdly we did the activity entitled Cave of the Winds.
(minus the fact that there wasn't a cave the name is completely appropriate.)
Our Cute grandparents sporting the yellow Ponchos & adorable sandles.
Dad giving his Dad a helping hand.
Mom: "1,2,3, say cheese...." It always needs to be said, even if your feet don't need to change when the #3 comes around.
Cave of the Winds is so cool. You walk around on this deck & are able to get within six feet of the waterfall. So awesome!
(rachel cried before, during, & after this experience was over.)

Fourthly, we watched what I kind of perceived to be somewhat of an odd film. We learned the proper enunciation of NI-AGA-ra. Don't make the same mistake we did before going here! Start your correct pronunciation now. Save yourself the embarrassment.
That night we ate here, (some of us ate here twice we loved it so much,)
& then we returned to see the highly publicized "awesome light show" that night.
Lets just say, I bet the show really is amazing if you cross the border into Canada. Wade was so passionate about not being able to cross into Canada that he sang a song personally expressing his outrage. Look for it on Broadway in about 15 years.
We loved Niagara.

Next Stop(s): The Journey Home.

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  1. i absolutely LOVE princess' face when you can just see the torment good ol' niagra had put her through! i love the palmers!!