Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Journey Home. Part 2.

You're probably thinking, wrap this trip up already.
Ok, I will do so.
For some this could be called ending on a high note.
However, for me, the date June 17th will always bring a shiver to my spine.
We drove into town that has the Winter Quarter's Nebraska visitor's center. (Present day council bluffs.)
It was about 8:34 & all of us were ornery & couldn't wait to relax & mentally prepare for 2 more days of driving. Trusty Jack, G-pa Gooch's GPS, was programmed to take us straight to the visitor's center. We arrived, but of course the tour's were closed for the night, & Grandpa told my Mom, "As we drove into town I saw a motel, Let's go there!"
Those words will forever penetrate my heart into fear.
This is what he was talking about:
(Here's to wishing that the NO VANCANCY was actually lit up...)
 Motel Mormon Trail.
Just typing those three words together leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
When I saw that we could make free local calls to the residents of Council Bluffs & there was HBO I knew we had hit the big leagues.
In short, this place is a shady shank.
(go visit this. I don't know what kind of joke this is, but this place is NOT Motel Mormon Trail. False advertisement it what it is!)
And I will prove that to you.
1. We arrived & there were far too few cars in the parking lot. The adults went inside to pay. We learned that a temple recommend doesn't just get you inside those sacred doors, it get's you a discount behind these scary need-to-stay closed doors. 50 dollar flat rate per room, that is shady if I have ever heard it.
2. A nice, odd number of 3 people were accommodated per room. The motel offered only 2 nappy towels & 2 wash clothes per room. Thanks Barney for teaching us about sharing time. (I didn't want to take a shower here anyway, the bathtubs were lined with sandpaper & forever stained blue & green something or another.)
3. It smelt of dust, mold, & as though rat carcasses were rotting within the ceiling.
4. Speaking of the ceiling, there were questionable holes that my father reasoned were holes for perve cameras.
Along with our shading motel, the weather was crazy the night of the 17th and into the 18th. It rained cats & dogs while we were unloading all our gear & after the Celtics lost to the Lakers, we knew we were in for a rough night.
We woke up the next morn & the power went out because a twister was rolling through the town. (It should have taken poor Motel Mormon Trail. Someone needs to end that misery.) As we got into the suburban & watched Motel Mormon Trail become only a scary sight in our rear view mirror, there was an audible intake of clean air had by all.
Consider this a lesson learned & a warning to you & your loved ones.
Do not stay at Motel Mormon Trail.
The power was out as we preceded to go on yet another tour. It was a little different considering we participated in this tour via flashlight.
With Ma in her apron & Pa in his too-small-cap, we all once again saddled up in these clothes to prove once more that pioneer children still sing as they walk, and walk and walk and walk...
We drove an uneventful two more days & kissed anyone & all on the 19th of June.
Those final days of driving were long, but so worth it because this trip strengthened all our testimonies. I will never forget the stories I learned, the feelings I felt, & the promises I made to become a better person. This trip was just what I needed. It changed me. 
Thank you so much to Grandpa & Grandma Gooch for feeling inspired to take us on this trip. We literally couldn't have done it without you. 
We love you so much. 

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