Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Journey Home. Part 1.

From Niagara Falls (Point A) to our house on 1050 East (Point B) we had 
1962.28 miles to go.
(& that's if we didn't take any detours.)
But we were forbidden to talk about it.
Words put together like this:
Are we there yet?
How much longer?
Were not allowed to be spoken.
They were replaced with sentences like:
What state are we in?
Can I have some candy?
Those questions are much safer to be asked.
Because the thing was, our point B just wasn't in sight.
As we dropped off Grandpa Palmer June 16th at the New York Buffalo airport, I shed a tear. Not necessarily because I would miss him, but the fact that while he would be home at Point B in 7 hours, we wouldn't even be stopping at our next hotel for the night somewhere in Ohio.

We stopped in Kirtland once more time to see the temple. The Community of Christ owns it now. When we stopped at their Visitor's center, the lady at the front desk informed us that the tour had already begun. (this was MUSIC to my ears. I was in get home, no stop mode.) She then said the fateful words, "But, if you want, you can just miss the movie & join the tour right now. But you will have to hurry." My elated mother asked the question, "Do you guys want to go?" I honestly replied, "No." The Community of Christ missionary looked at me like I was a devil child. (Some might say that is true on occasion) But it turns out the question was more of a rhetorical sort of thing, & it didn't matter what I wanted. Carry on...
My smile in this picture is not genuine.
apparently my parents like to choose "favorites" sometimes.
Lucky for us, Mom got lost trying to find the freeway & stumbled across another tour site near Kirtland. Our luck continued as the missionaries there told us to drive thirty miles & go to the John Johnson home. So we took more time & went there. (I was not exactly Optimistic Odette this particular day, if you couldn't tell.)
The Johnson's were rich & were able to afford only the finest in their home. Sister Johnson had a very unique decorating style. I mean get a look at the black/red/green checkered floor! (Grandma & Mom had a picture taking field day in this home, saying they loved this particular stop is an understatement.)
Isn't this door cool? They call it feather painting, & according to the missionary it is coming back in style. Only time will tell, but I am a fan.
I would like to meet Sister Johnson. Only an awesome woman would pick such cool, non traditional colors for her home.
Do you remember the sad story of Joseph Smith when the mob came & tore him from his bed, tarred & feathered him, & then he preached to the congregation the next day? Well that story happened within this home, (while Joseph & Emma were staying with the Johnson's) & that rock we are standing on is the exact same stone that Joseph stood on as he preached that Sunday. So neat.

Next Stop: The Journey Home, Part 2.

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