Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear McKenzie,

My Dear Sherman,
Today is the day of your birth.
You are such a good friend.
I don't know what I would do without you!
Your thoughtfulness is so refreshing & genuine.
Kenz, You care about others.
You are always happy.
You give your time away.
Your happiness is centered around the happiness of others.
You are so selfless.
You have made such an impact on my life.
You changed me.
You helped me find happiness inside myself.
My best & happiest high school memories were a result of you.
I wish I could thank you for each & every incident, but here are a few tender highlights:
  • chamber & calculus. 
  • dressing up as nerds for halloween. With real-deal bow-ties mind you.
  • our trip to st. george last summer. 
  • singing At The Beginning. twice.
  • you are my sherman.
  • I will never forget when you gave me the best birthday surprise ever for my 18th. I have never been so happy. 
  • when you surprised me with David Archuleta tickets. You crazy radio winner/conniver of tickets! 
  • the summer of 09. sleepovers, waterfall hiking, bike riding, musical watching. It was all so lovely. 
  • burtie botts every flavored beans. 
I feel so lucky to know you Kenzie. Thank you for being such a good best friend. I am sorry that I cannot wish you a happy birthday in person. You are the big 1-9!!! Yahoo! I love you!!! Enjoy your special day. 
YOU are the best.
Love, Ashley

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