Saturday, May 8, 2010


I'm happily surprised.
So I hope you don't care that I will take a second to brag.
This semester of college was hard.
I took harder classes & a total of 15 credits.
I had to do well.
There wasn't a flip side to that equation.
I wanted to keep my scholarship. 
& I did it.
It makes all the studying & stress worth it.
Interpersonal COMM: A
Introduction to Dance: A-
Yoga I: A
Introduction to Writing: A-
College Algebra 1050: A
A Capella Choir: A
Current Term GPA: 3.88
Cumulative: 3.71
A higher grade in Math than in English? When does that ever happen? I kept my scholarship for another semester. I couldn't be happier about that. (Neither could Eldon.) I am done with all of my GE's except one more science class. Time to get down to business & get into my "major" pre-requisites. 

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