Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Mommy Walk.

For all of you out there who have been children before, the phrase "Mommy Walk" should send you into a fit of spine shivers. If you don't remember what I am talking about, let me re-jog your memory.
The Mommy Walk [mŏḿē/wôk] is used by Mother's around the world as a means to scare & intimidate children. It is most effectively used when their children are doing something they aren't supposed to. The actual walk consists of a series several stomping steps, quick as lightning, which is accompanied by an angry scowl, wildly flailing arms, & heavy breathing.
Today, the kids in the palmer household (more specifically Wade & I) received a visit from the Mommy walk. It was not pretty. Extra jobs were divided out. Voices were raised, & some tones were less then amusing.
But as you can see, when the children decided to obey, the Mommy Walk ended & all was well again as the Mom we know & love went back to scrapbooking.

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