Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today, we visited my Grandma's newly finished gravestone for the first time, all together. We brought flowers & Rachel brought a few tricks of her own. 
Later Rachel, Wade & I scampered through Mom's list of things we had to buy. An old woman (or should I say elderly woman to be politically correct?) stopped me, asking if these two children were mine. I told her that they were not, but they were my siblings. She said, " Oh! Well. Let me tell you how to make truffles with them." She proceeded to tell me how to make truffles with oreos, cream cheese, almond bark, & small cup things found in aisle 8. She then asked me to repeat the recipe back to her. I acted interested, even though I have not even a smidgen of a desire to make truffles with Wade & Rachel. To be honest, I was relieved when I was able to leave her presence.
This evening we had a barbecue with Grandpa P. & the Culps. I relayed the story of the truffle lady. My aunt Michele exclaimed that that same woman had stopped her & given her the same instructions as well. Word to the wise: watch out for the Truffle Woman at Wal-mart. She will snag 20 minutes of your life away.
At the bbq we reminisced about Grandma & how she must be loving heaven. She is busy & no one, not even her poor health or earthly body is stopping her. What a happy thought.

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