Sunday, May 2, 2010

LOL, You're not funny.

Does this picture make you laugh? No? Me neither.
What a nightmare this is. Mom helped me unload & organize all of last night. I will be returning to the room in the basement that doubles as a scrapbook room that has a bed in there also. Good-bye dreams of getting my old room back.
Do you think I am happy about this?
No, but I will put my shoulder to the wheel & push along.
Well as I mentioned yesterday, Elder Holland spoke at Snow College's commencement ceremony for the 2010 graduates. The main thing I took from his talk is to stay close to my family & to trust in things that will bring me happiness. To read an article about his message go here. Elder Holland's way with words is simply mesmerizing. 
I had the opportunity to sing at graduation with the A Capella choir, which I have been apart of this past year. After graduation was over, I was walking with the rest of the choir to put my robe back at the nearby Eccles center. On my way, Mrs. Wyatt (wife of the President at Snow) grabbed my arm & said, "Ashley, you did a great job singing with the choir." Do you know who was with her? Sister Holland. She shook my hand & told me that she thought I did a good job singing & how pretty I was. I felt so honored to be able to meet this lady & see the twinkle in her eyes. I hope that I too can emulate Christ's love to those I come in contact with through my eyes. 

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