Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The First Inklings of Summer

Here are some recent good times from my first weeks of summer:
(This is just a small taste, I have been horrible at taking pictures lately)
Raw & Rare emotion is instigated at Nickel City.
Reworking & adding to my doodle-fest quote book.
Cookie & G.G. time with Ann is becoming a daily occurrence.
& I love it.
Pranking time with a mysterious car. Pres & Elder have been at this for several nights.
It just doesn't get old.
Sometimes I come home & see images like this before I head off to bed. Isn't it strange how seeing things like this help remind you to stay grounded & to keep perspective? My siblings are so good at that. Sometimes the small things don't seem to matter at all anymore.
I have the greatest family & friends.
I am so lucky.

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