Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today, we visited my Grandma's newly finished gravestone for the first time, all together. We brought flowers & Rachel brought a few tricks of her own. 
Later Rachel, Wade & I scampered through Mom's list of things we had to buy. An old woman (or should I say elderly woman to be politically correct?) stopped me, asking if these two children were mine. I told her that they were not, but they were my siblings. She said, " Oh! Well. Let me tell you how to make truffles with them." She proceeded to tell me how to make truffles with oreos, cream cheese, almond bark, & small cup things found in aisle 8. She then asked me to repeat the recipe back to her. I acted interested, even though I have not even a smidgen of a desire to make truffles with Wade & Rachel. To be honest, I was relieved when I was able to leave her presence.
This evening we had a barbecue with Grandpa P. & the Culps. I relayed the story of the truffle lady. My aunt Michele exclaimed that that same woman had stopped her & given her the same instructions as well. Word to the wise: watch out for the Truffle Woman at Wal-mart. She will snag 20 minutes of your life away.
At the bbq we reminisced about Grandma & how she must be loving heaven. She is busy & no one, not even her poor health or earthly body is stopping her. What a happy thought.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Beauty of Julie.

When I was 5, I had a bad case of the chicken pox. 
(side note: isn't it strange that they have an immunization for the pox now? We can tell our grandchildren that when we were little, we had them. Oh the wonders of modern medicine.)
Now getting back on track, my reward for not scratching those little beauties was my very own copy of
The Sound of Music.
I remember being so excited that I had my very own video & that I wouldn't have to borrow Grandma Palmer's taped off of her t.v. (with the commercials included.) I thought it was so awe-some!
I have always had a love for Julie Andrews & old fashioned musicals.
I even love the books The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles & Mandy, both written by Julie. Julie Andrews has class, & I admire her. I think we could be good friends.
My love for Julie Andrews was especially rekindled these past few days when I was sick.
I watched: Princess Diaries 1 & 2, Mary Poppins & of course I watched The Sound of Music for the ump-teenth time. 
A waste? No. A success? I'd say so.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tally Wally Woo.

No matter what lame joke escaped my mouth,
Natalya Parkes was sure to laugh at it.
I came up with nicknames like Tally Wally Woo for her,
she wished she could meet Baby Todd,
& we laughed at the prospect of being an eternal family.
Tal is headed to the realms of Wisconsin for the summer.
She came to say good-bye to me earlier this week.
Good luck Tal. Have a great time.
See you in August.
Ephraim & I will welcome you with open arms.

Friday, May 28, 2010


I hate change.
When I am content I wish things could just stay the same.
This is unfortunate because it's been said:
"there is nothing more consistent than change."
Lately I have done some thinking & opening up to people.
I've done some considerable thinking about change.
If this life is meant to set ourselves on the pathway to perfection,
then doesn't it make sense that perfection is constant change?
I need to not hate change. I need to welcome it.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My, My, My.

Will someone please tell me how it is possible that graduation & senior all-nighter were a year ago? Where has the time gone? It seems like a year ago, but at the same time it doesn't. Strange how that works, isn't it? Pathetic as it might sound, I kind of feel old. I am so grateful that I can still call all of these people my friends. What good people they are.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The First Inklings of Summer

Here are some recent good times from my first weeks of summer:
(This is just a small taste, I have been horrible at taking pictures lately)
Raw & Rare emotion is instigated at Nickel City.
Reworking & adding to my doodle-fest quote book.
Cookie & G.G. time with Ann is becoming a daily occurrence.
& I love it.
Pranking time with a mysterious car. Pres & Elder have been at this for several nights.
It just doesn't get old.
Sometimes I come home & see images like this before I head off to bed. Isn't it strange how seeing things like this help remind you to stay grounded & to keep perspective? My siblings are so good at that. Sometimes the small things don't seem to matter at all anymore.
I have the greatest family & friends.
I am so lucky.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Although I tried to avoid it,
& job hunted like a crazy hyena,
I am back under the employment of DNC Enterprises.
What is DNC Enterprises you ask?
Well in case you haven't heard, it is this warehouse that builds flashlights for the military. Interesting right? Not even.
It's images like the one above that make my head hurt because I remember the inevitable boredom that awaits. But work is work, & for that I am grateful.
So I will plug my iPod in my eardrums & stop complaining.
Let the flashing commence.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

2 thoughts.

2 thoughts for today.
Thought #1. Nothing is ever safe, or what it seems.
Now I know you may think this little note is quite unnecessary. But let me tell you, after getting your past 2 toothbrushes just thrown away like an old kleenex, it is beyond necessary. Not really sure why Big S & Wade think they are entitled to just toss them as they please...
Thought #2.Since it is the sabbath, I thought I would share this song, by Mindy Gledhill. (I know the video is a little much, but i love the message of this song.)
I love that God is so great that he could move mountains, & he is great enough to care about someone as small as me. Isn't it great that he does care?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Mommy Walk.

For all of you out there who have been children before, the phrase "Mommy Walk" should send you into a fit of spine shivers. If you don't remember what I am talking about, let me re-jog your memory.
The Mommy Walk [mŏḿē/wôk] is used by Mother's around the world as a means to scare & intimidate children. It is most effectively used when their children are doing something they aren't supposed to. The actual walk consists of a series several stomping steps, quick as lightning, which is accompanied by an angry scowl, wildly flailing arms, & heavy breathing.
Today, the kids in the palmer household (more specifically Wade & I) received a visit from the Mommy walk. It was not pretty. Extra jobs were divided out. Voices were raised, & some tones were less then amusing.
But as you can see, when the children decided to obey, the Mommy Walk ended & all was well again as the Mom we know & love went back to scrapbooking.

Friday, May 21, 2010

One Down.

Have you ever played this game?
It is highly addicting.
The first time I played, I was "Scum" for every single round.
As part of my summer bucket list, I wanted to become 
The Great Dalmuti.
Last night, through much anxiety & stress, I did it.
Victory is sweet, is it not?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flip Flop Mishap.

Here's today's tip of the day.
1 Brown flip flop + 1 black flip flop does not = success while job hunting.
p.s. sorry you have to learn this object lesson through my ugly feet.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Don't Ask for Much

Sometimes I have the following crazy thought:
"When I come home from frolicking around various parts of Utah, I think it would be super cool to be able to park in front of my house, in my spot, under the shade."
Too much to ask?
Thanks neighbs.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

job hunt.

... & so the fun continues/begins. (continually begins?)
Pictured is my cover letter to my resume.
I need a job.
if you know of anything, will you please let me know?
wish me luck!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Go Big, or Go Home

In the Palmer family, the topic of Ice Cream is not a joking matter.
Want to see some evidence?
Take a look at figure 1.1
(figure 1.1)
60 cones in this box. 
Where did we acquire this box of love you ask?
At Costco.
Which is only our favorite store in the Palmer Household.
Anyway, if you are looking for a treat, come over next Sunday & we will serve you a cone in one of the 5 varieties that we have inside this box of love.
Just remember, you have to earn it. 
If you have a bad day & are disruptive in church, Shelley & Eldon will take a way a scoop.
That is the definition of devastation.
Just ask any of us.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Finale.

Call out Nerd Alert! all you want,
I have loved Survivor: Heros vs. Villians this season.

It is just so good.
I love the challenges,
screaming at the idiots,
hating Russell,
watching blindsides,
witnessing the confrontations,
& just enjoying some good TV.
Now perhaps you are thinking:
"It has just been on the air so long, how can it still be good?"
...or a myriad of other excuses.
But the truth is, It is engrossing & practically addicting entertainment.
I cannot wait for the finale tonight.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

ULA Wrap Up.

I don't know about you, but I have had a blast this past week.
I have learned so much & grown to love the people from Snow so much more.
I seriously have only have good things to say about each one of them.
ULA reminded me slightly of EFY.
We ate food in a cafeteria, (for the most part)
listened to a variety of speakers,
slept in dorms,
met new people,
used the power button,
jinxed B10,
alerted people of oncoming nerds,
started the Discovery Channel's newest hit: Wilderness Buddies,
our buddy names? Kelly, Lillian, & Barbara to name a few,
sang our theme song,
formed an Uncle Bruce club,
encouraged the heart,
swedish twister,
heat stroke,
considered the serenity that is sleep,
& made some hilarious memories.
I have learned a lot from this book, & I would highly recommend it.
Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip:
I love each & every one of these people! See you all in a month!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happiness. felt by making others happy. a choice. brought through smiles & laughter. family & friends.
I love the ability we have to choose to be happy.
Now if you will excuse me. I have a leadership conference (ULA) in Cedar City for executive council. Enjoy the week! I know I will!

Monday, May 10, 2010

One is Silver, the Other is Gold.

Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,
the other is gold.

A circle is round,
it has no end.
That's how long,
I will be your friend.
A fire burns bright, 
it warms the heart.
We've been friends,
from the very start.
You have one hand,
I have the other.
Put them together,
We have each other.
Across the land
Across the sea
Friends forever
We will always be.

Slightly cheesy? Maybe. This poem came to mind while thinking on how lucky I am to have such great friends. My friends call & text me to tell me the good, the bad, & the just plain funny. I miss my BR Kelsey. She called me yesterday & we laughed over a good Jordy joke. I miss that girl. Here are some pictures on move out day, just over a week ago.
with The Saltwater Room quote wall shortly after it was taken down.
It was so weird to box all my stuff up.
p.s. Thanks to all my friends who have taken the time to write me a note lately. It means a lot. I love you guys-- you know who you are. :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear Mom

Oh Mom.
How I love you. Everyone deserves to have a mom like you. How is it that I am so lucky to have you? You are always smiling. You laugh at your children. You teach to accept & not to judge. You laugh when I refer to you as Shell. You love El. You miss us kids when we are away. You take more pictures than anyone else I know. You love the Savior. You listen to raving & ranting. Your advice & perspective is so refreshing. You buy us stuff because we want it, not because we need it. You teach us to learn from our mistakes. You don't scold me when I sleep in & have consequently missed half the day. You have made our house a home. You make us all feel safe. You show us by example how to be thoughtful. You make me want to be a better person. 
The list could go on & on. The bottom line: 
Mom, I love you.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I'm happily surprised.
So I hope you don't care that I will take a second to brag.
This semester of college was hard.
I took harder classes & a total of 15 credits.
I had to do well.
There wasn't a flip side to that equation.
I wanted to keep my scholarship. 
& I did it.
It makes all the studying & stress worth it.
Interpersonal COMM: A
Introduction to Dance: A-
Yoga I: A
Introduction to Writing: A-
College Algebra 1050: A
A Capella Choir: A
Current Term GPA: 3.88
Cumulative: 3.71
A higher grade in Math than in English? When does that ever happen? I kept my scholarship for another semester. I couldn't be happier about that. (Neither could Eldon.) I am done with all of my GE's except one more science class. Time to get down to business & get into my "major" pre-requisites. 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Rachel & the Bean.

Today is May 7th, 2010.
Rachel Diane Palmer called me quite some time ago asking if I would chaperone her class field trip on May 7th 2010. The conversation was great, & of course there is hardly anyone who can say no to this little face.
(Nice self porto Rache.)
So today was the big day!
Here are Rachel & the other 3 kids I was in charge of.
Rachel found our favorite Charlie Farley along the way, & I talked with some Bean Employee's who are long lost friends.
We went to the Bean Museum at BYU & ate a picnic lunch at a park after.
I love this little girl.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am so blessed & lucky. Really. I am. I had the opportunity to spend 3 days in Moab with Snow College Executive Council & Senators. We planned, played, learned, planned, worked, hiked, planned, ate & planned some more. We planned so many fun things. We learned from our advisors & each other. We made a new switchback trail on a mountain, moved boulders, went white water rafting & kayaking, went on a breathtaking hike, celebrated Cinco de Mayo, & saw an amazing sunrise, among other things. The whole time I felt in awe that I had the opportunity to associate & be a part of this awesome group of talented people. Here are some pictures from the past few days: (unfortunately my camera was being retarded so I didn't get tons of awesome pictures, but there will be more to come later.) 
All in all, it was so fun. Our next adventure begins next week at the ULA conference.