Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Sweet Bliss of a Saturday.

Isn't bliss a great word?
I certainly think so.
I slept in, & have been studying for finals all day.
It actually has felt quite blissful.
If it wasn't for Intro to Dance
(affectionately referred to as Intro to Hell)
I wouldn't have any projects left.
But, besides that,
all I have left to do it cram, cram, cram for finals.
We ate Mexican food for lunch, & we are all back to our respectful corners studying our brains out so we can play for at least a little while tonight.
Look who I came upon while on my little jog today?
Only my favorite Idaho/Ephraim couple Horie. 
(the  celebrity nickname for Homi & Corie)
Aren't they cute?
Too bad you can't see Homi's new classy hairdo.
He has dyed his hair & it now has green tips.
Only one more week with these A8 residents.
How weird is that?
My bliss will be complete one week from today.
Finals will be over, & all my roommates will move out.
And then I will give my proper Hello to Summer.

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