Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stress Relievers.

Aren't friends the greatest stress relievers?
Yesterday, some of my ward friends and I went to the masquerade.
It was super fun. 
Unfortunately, my camera died soon after this photo was taken.
Make sure your cameras are charged people!
To my friends I say: Tag me.
Today, Kelsey & I strapped on our roller blades for a trip around the town of Ephraim. To say we had the time of our lives is as understatement. We were singing & laughing the whole way.
Here are some of the many pictures taken:
After the blading ride Kelsey's parents had us over for a barbeque.
It was delicious.
(Best part? Not having to cook. 
Can I hear an AMEN to that?)
Summer is almost in sight. 
After this week, we will be on the home stretch.
I cannot wait.

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