Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Oh A8.
The more I get to know you, 
the more I realize how much I won't miss you.
Two days. That's all.
Contrary to what you might think,
I really am going to miss Snow College.
I love it here.
I don't love 3 of my roommates, however.
Now let's talk about yesterday, shall we?
(I will give you the condensed version)
1. Kelsey received a decorative plate for her birthday, & Ana put a cake on it 
& without asking just gave it away.
2. "Someone" did their laundry during my allotted time.
3. That same someone (Corie) upon being asked claimed "she didn't know who's laundry was in the wash."
4. Later, she went into the hall, & moved the same load of mysterious laundry & simultaneously put another load in.
5. Someone in Bathroom #1 stole our last roll of toilet paper & put it in their bathroom. That roll of TP has a new home. In mine & Kelsey's room. Drip dry has a whole new meaning for 4 girls now...
6. Corie was in her bathroom dying her hair. Upon completion, I watched her walk to the end of the hall grab my last 3 clean towels & dry her newly dyed hair. 
Unfortunately, this list has pieces missing. I know you are thinking, "Ashley. Shut up. It's not that bad."  I think the reason I am so annoyed, is my emotions have been building up all year & this is just the icing on the cake of a stolen plate. It has taken all I have to not completely freak out. Patience, you are a hard virtue for me. Sorry for the complaints. Really. 
On the flip side, today is my last day at the library! How great/sad is that? Only one more final. Tomorrow at 9 am I will be done with my freshman year of college. How did that happen?

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