Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This week is the final countdown.
It's time to complete all the major projects & study for finals next week.
Do 2 of my professors care or acknowledge that?
Apparently not.
I am talking about Steven & Patricia (more commonly known as Patty) Meredith.
Yes, they are married, & are being held equally accountable for the stress I have.
This husband & wife duo have joined forces to create a production called: Life Sketches.
It premieres this weekend.
Patty is head of dance. Steve is head of the music dept.
So while Acapella sings, dancers will dance.
It will supposedly be awesome.
I am not convinced.
Tonight & tomorrow night we have dress rehearsals from 7-10 pm.
Friday & Saturday will be the performances.
I think it is rude to have such a time consuming thing going on right now.
The amount of time for dress rehearsals seems completely unnecessary.
Patty, don't think I am done with you.
Patty is my Intro to Dance teacher.
She is piling on the homework.
We have to write a 3-4 pg. paper on Life Sketches.
Today we were given 2 new assignments.
We have to do a modern dance research project answering specific questions.
We have to make a dance pedigree chart. (both due Friday.)
I kept waiting for her to say April Fools. But alas, we are the fools for taking this class.
I am so onry about all this. 
Among other things I have to do let's list it out, shall we:
1. Find time to study & then take the Math chapter test which is tomorrow. Study for comprehensive final which is Tuesday.
2. Make a powerpoint & complete 10 page paper for Interpersonal Comm. Due tomorrow. Study for final which is on Tuesday.
3. Complete 9 page English argumentative & negotiation paper. Due Friday. Study for final next Wednesday.
4. Upon completion of the other worksheets & papers I have to do, find time to study for Intro to Dance comprehensive final which is next Friday. (The icing on the cake is that it begins at 7 am)
Sorry to rant. I just need to be done. I am so burnt out. 
Somebody help?
p.s. Wind, you can stop now. 

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