Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Kelsey!

Oh Kelsey Peterson.
What would A8 be without you?
A8 without Kelsey is a frightening concept.
Kelsey's birthday began right at the stroke of midnight. 
Mommy Tal came in & gave Kelsey a show she won't soon forget.
And of course we sang her a rousing Happy Birthday Chorus.
As the laughter died down, we all went to sleep.
Kelsey was in for a rude awakening at 7:45.
Natalya did a Waking up in Vegas encore.
It was hilarious.
(I would post the video, but it won't work for some reason.)
Gifts were given as the 3 of us ate cinnamon rolls & Sunny D.
For dinner, The Peterson fam-fam had us over for a barbeque. 
It made me so excited for the bbq's that will inevitably transpire at the Palmer household during the summer...
Here are some of the photos from dinner:
 (Side note: Kelsey's family were present, they were just sitting at the next table.)
Well Kels, I hope you have had a great day.
You are my Jewish companion in the holocaust.
But don't think the festivities are over just yet.
Natalya has invited friends over for a program at 11:30.
I daresay it is going to raise the roof.

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