Friday, April 23, 2010

Fried Friday.

What a day.
I woke up to Snow outside.
Nothing like some powder in April.
Turned in my last English project.
Learned in A Capella today that we will have an additional Choir performance on Monday. Thanks Dr. M. Why not have another concert? While I am at it I will just sell my soul to the devil.
My dear friend Heather forces me to go to Friday Forum at the Institute Building.
Usually I try to weasel out of it & complain that I am starving.
Not today! Heather had packed me a little snack.
Haha. Love her. 
Tried to sell some books back to the bookstore.
Of course, all of my teachers will be switching to "newer" editions.
No money from books for me.
Went to Walmart.
Bought some food.
Drove home.
Realized I forgot my wallet in a cart.
Speedily drove back to Walmart.
I groaned when I noticed all the carts had been taken inside.
Luckily, it was still in the cart within the store.
That would have just been the cherry on top of my day.
Needless to say, it's been a long day, & my brain is fried.
On the bright side, my cute mom sent me a package.
I love her.
Thanks Mom!!
If you're bored, come hit up Life Sketches.
I know I will be there.
Not happily, but I will be there.

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