Saturday, April 10, 2010


So for Intro to Dance we have to watch another College's Dance team.
Then we have to write a 3+ page paper about it.
Give me a break.
Patty Meredith.
What a joke.
Heather & I have had some failed attempts when it comes to this particular project.
This time however, it worked out quite successfully.
We went home Friday night & stayed at my empty house.
(The fam is in St. George to escape our ward's Trek...)
We ate lunch at Costco,
arrived at BYU Ballroom's production of Encore
(with time to spare I might add.)
& Look who sat right in front of us!
Lucky me, right?
It was surprisingly enjoyable.
We returned to my house, wrote our papers, & visited with my fam.
My awesome Dad even gave the FIT a car wash it won't soon forget.
Thanks Dad, You're the best.
All in all quite the success.

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