Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dinner with the President

May I just begin with:
Can I get 3 cheers for the warm weather?
It has been lovely today.
It is much appreciated.
In other news, this evening the executive council went to President Wyatt's house for dinner. 
It was a feast for a king.
We ate from a beautiful spread of chicken & roast beef, twice baked potatoes, fresh green beans, salad, & pretzel rolls.
It was all followed down by sparkling pink lemonade.
I can't believe I forgot my camera to take a picture of the spread.
The President & his wife are lovely people & asked us 
a variety of questions.
Later, we each ate a piece of the biggest chocolate cake you can imagine.
Camrie was a real woman & finished all of hers.
I applauded her for it.
After dinner, President Wyatt had asked us to bring an object that represents our personality. I asked many people's opinions on what I should bring. I decided upon bringing the sign that hangs up above my kitchen table at home.
(don't worry Mom, I didn't wear my sweats to dinner, this picture was taken after yoga)
For those of you that know me, you'd probably say this sign is 
self explanatory.
I explained that my chosen major will take much sitting & talking.
I explained how currently I like to talk & laugh a lot.
I explained lots of other things, but you get the gist of it...
Luckily Mr. President didn't think I was weird for bringing such a large item. Pretty sure he had caught my vision & was feeling it.
Unfortunately, I had a choir concert, so I had to depart early & I didn't see everyone else's items. All in all though, I would consider it a success & how lucky I still feel to be chosen as a part of this committee.

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