Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let's Hear it for the Oddballs.

Ever been in a place, a class, a room & you could bet you were the only NORMAL one? Welcome to my Math 1050 class. I truly believe that my class is a social experiment put on by the counselors of Snow College. I have never seen so many misfits in one room. What that says about me, I do not know. 

1. You have the Asians that sit & mumble & mutter amongst themselves (it sounds like gibberish to me) in the back corner.
2. Kat. She's the best. Rain or shine she comes with a beanie & sunglasses ready to shield her precious eyes and porcelain skin from the son.  (see the picture to the right in case you have forgotten what she looks like.)
3. Our professor. Bless him. He means well. Really he does. But we never learn anything at all in class & then he wonders why he has to answer 40 minutes of questions everyday.
4. Lilian. Oh she just wants to be accepted and loved by Kat. I feel almost sorry for her. I know something about Lilian that Kat doesn't know, however. She is GloZell's child out of wedlock. Seriously. She recently dyed her hair, & I am certain that it was via Kool-Aid.
5. Meet my new friend Chelsea. She dyes (or so she says) a strip of her black hair grey. Interesting. I don't know if you heard, but she received a deer skull with antlers attached from her Grandma & she brought that to class to share yesterday, so naturally  I took a picture of her. Thanks for stabbing me with it after class, Chels. 
6. And how boring would life be without the continuing love saga of Brandi & Ryan. They are awesome. Lets take a trip down memory lane of me sitting by them in class, shall we?
My first encounter with Ryan was a remarkable one. He was drawing little figurines instead of taking notes like the rest of us. He proceeded to ask if he could trace my thumb so he could make a little piglet out of it. I politely declined his most generous offer.
Brandi & Ryan on a happy day. Ryan is listening intently because he realizes this is College, not Preschool, and Brandi is taking some notes.
Uh-oh. It would seem Brandi and Ryan had a fight. Brandi ignores Ryan for the whole 50 minutes & talks to her new BFF to her left. Ryan just looks on, jealously.
Poor Brandi. After being ignored, Ryan seeks vengeance. If you will look at the direction Brandi is looking, you will see Ryan. He is the one in the jacket with the 2 white stripes. 
After much turmoil, you can see they are once again as happy as can be. Wearing matching T-shirts they are once again reunited. May they never again seek revenge on one another.

-Any of these characters interest you? Want to meet/see them live in action? Come to the Noyes building M-Thurs @ 2:30.

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