Monday, March 8, 2010

burnt offerings & air mail

Today, i smelt something burning.
It smelt awful.
Kelsey yelled my name, & I responded to her acclamations & joined her in the kitchen.
Our kitchen, living room and half of the hallway was ENGULFED in smoke.
It smelt awesome.
(hey mom, don't worry the fire alarms didn't go off... that doesn't worry you at all does it?)
What was the culprit?
Natalya's toast.
It looked like burnt coal.
Then the maintenance guy rang our doorbell.
What impeccable timing.
(he had come to fix our heating vent)
We opened up all the doors for ventilation & Natalya stuck the toaster outside, hoping that would help the smell subside.
yet, here we are, 6 hours later, & it still smells like burnt offerings.
 Look what i got in the mail today!
My first letter via Air mail! 

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