Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Ever been so bored you wanted to cry, just so it would give you something to do?
This, for me, happens just about everyday in mathematics.
Today it hit me particularly hard.
It was painful. 
As i was playing with my calculator i realized that the two little black things on the top of the calculator are practically removable. 
(and when i say practically i mean actually)
So i stuck them on my pinky finger and took a picture.
 Then i sent it to a few friends with the text of the message saying:
I smashed my finger in a door yesterday :( 
Nothing like getting sympathy for an utter lie.
 For dinner, Tal & I hit up Subway (thanks again gramp and gran!) 
Now i have to go to a 3 hour rehearsal for my Acapella class.
We have a concert tomorrow.
 oh and p.s. i finally got this all done & turned in! 
wish me luck... 

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