Thursday, March 11, 2010


I cannot wait until:
-the kitchen in A8 is clean again.
-to go here in June.
-I actually witness Clarissa brush her teeth and/or wash her face.
(yes, that would be for the first time this whole year)
-to eat this tonight.
-be living here with some of my very best friends in the fall.
-for the time to be 9:30 pm.
-to watch tonight's episode of Survivor. Go heros.
-be done with my "communications" English research paper.
-for the editing on Secret Life to finally be completed.
-for heather & I to complete our rollerblading project.
-Spring Break-which is tomorrow!!
p.s. not really sure why, but I am loving this song.
I have Kelsey to thank for it being stuck in my head

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