Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

Oh Valentine's Day.
Today was Skyler's Farewell. 
It's faces like these that i am going to miss:
May the people of Florida love and appreciate you Skyler.  
 God Speed the Right.
 The Palmer family enjoyed their annual Valentine's Day dinner.
Here are a few of the shots:
After dinner we had to go around the table & say what we love about each family member. I told mom we should just say Ditto from last year & be done with it. Mom did not think this was funny. Jokester Dad however was quite original this year & stated that he loves most about me is how (and i quote) "Ashley can have as much fun as a drunk person without actually being intoxicated." Thanks dad. You are a sweetheart.
 After dinner on V-day we always roast marshmallows with tea lights.
and here are the group shots:
The boys in their matching Valentine's day gifts.
we had matching hair &
And El & Shell are just in their matchless love.
(Mom told Dad that one of the things she loves most about him is his "sexy feet" her words not mine. That is just sick.)
Happy Valentines Day!

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