Friday, February 5, 2010

Smack down

Yesterday I was exhausted. Today I am exhausted. It is a pattern apparently. Kelsey & I almost didn't go to yoga because we were so exhausted. We are so glad we decided to go though. 

I was assisting Kelsey in doing her hand stand. I told her to kick her dominant leg. She kicked a little too fast. She whacked me in the side of the head. I made a loud noise. We fell on our mats laughing. The class thinks we are weird. During final relaxation there was this crazy banjo song. Kelsey & I were playing our "air banjo's" &  we were so disruptive.

We went home & told Natalya of our wild yoga night. She then walked past me into our room. Somehow, she accidentally whacked me on the same side of the head Kelsey had previously hit me. It was hilarious. Then we were no longer exhausted because we had laughed so hard.

I am suffering from the repercussions of those whacks today. I am so tired I feel like a conductor smacked his train right into me. But, I volunteered at the Elementary School today & helped them with their craft. I drew lots and lots of hearts & helped them cut them out. Those kids are hilarious. Mrs. HEL-ston does not think they are funny. She yells & yells at them. It gave me a whopping headache. She tells me I am a whole lot more patient with them than she is. Some would take that as a compliment. She really isn't that hard to beat. haha.

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