Sunday, February 7, 2010

Leading a Congregation

So, my friend Angela is the chorister in our ward.
She asked me to lead the music this Sunday.
Of course i said yes.
The whole thing was a squabbling mess.
There was no organist.
The bishopric didn't have a list of the hymns.
So we just had Natalya play the piano.
And we used the previous ward's hymns.
As I led the first hymn (the infamous Choose the Right),
There was a boy that sat towards the back of the row that i had never seen before.
He wasn't all that bad looking either.
He kept smiling & winking at me.
It was creeping me out.
As a result of being creeped out i didn't even bear my testimony.
haha. sad, but true.
I was swift to leave sacrament meeting because i didn't want to talk to the creeper.
Hopefully he was just visiting.

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