Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Into the Font

The alarm beeped @ 5:30 am in Apartment A8. Kelsey & I laid & complained because we were so tired. Three of us arose 15 minutes later. We dazily put on our Sunday best. As we walked outside we were greeted by the bitter cold. We headed to our car @ 6:00 am & drove to the temples some 7 minutes away. We cried & tried to smooth talk the car into warming up faster. We drove up to the baptistry doors. 

Once inside the Manti Temple we were once again greeted. This time by sweet temple workers. We changed into our baptism suits. I love the spirit within the temple.  Once you are there, doing the work, it is so worth it. I love the spirit within the Manti Temple. I love the murals within that were painted by the pioneers.

We were done by 7:30. I informed Kelsey & Natalya that we would be having a quick photo op. outside the temple. Just call me Shelley Palmer.
Mom, aren't you proud? even though we had wet hair, no makeup & it was FREEZING outside we snapped a few shots. Just goes to show you, anything is possible.

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