Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Intro to Dance.

Anyone who knows me, knows that i am not coordinated & not a dancer. I signed up for Intro to dance this semester & I fear for my well being as well as my classmates if asked to do a jig or two in front of them. Hopefully the time shall never come when i have to show my lack of skills in the dancing department.
Our teacher has been MIA since the first day of class. We picked up a syllabus from some lady that says we won't have class for a week & learned we had to watch a movie entitled: "The Power of Dance." What a fascinating title... Am I right? 

Here is my friend Heather & I "enjoying" the film in a library cubicle today. The looks on our faces are deceiving. We are bored out of our gords. But we suffered through the 58 minutes & even came out with a few good laughs. Male ballerina's are about the best...

P.S. I love Heather. This girl is my long lost twin hailing from Snowflake, Arizona. We both laugh loud & hard at the strangest things, love to sing, she has lengthy eyelashes that put mine to shame, we both hate animals & winter, & to top it all off we both drive the same year, model, & color of car (her's a Nissan, mine a Honda.) We decided we were destined to be friends.

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