Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy MLK Day.

I would like to start this post by sending a quick shout out to my favorite African American Kayloni Hadley. I love this girl muchly & I hope this day has been a good one for her.

After sleeping over at Jacee's I was quite exhausted. My attempts at naps were quite unfulfilling & I was a beast to my family. (sorry about that...) 

My evening did not improve when my dad told me I would be driving to Ephraim. Awesome. I love driving when my parentals are in shot-gun. Definitely in my top 3... NOT. I feel like I am being watched like a hawk & i stress out... especially after a certain $90 speeding ticket... 

Since my Dad's choice and mine in music are on completely opposite sides of the spectrum it made for an interesting time. (I like practically anything that is topping the charts, he loves his obnoxious sports radio...) We both have to come halfway & listen to stuff we both hate, such as FM 100 & KOSY 106.5, thus agreeing to disagree.  Bleeding love, Breathe & hits from Chicago were prevalent on both stations & we both were both attempting to grin & bare it. Then my dad fell asleep, how convenient for him. By the time I realized he was sleeping we were out of range from MIX 107.9. Dang it.
Good ol Molly took me to the music building to sing "Only Hope." Haha. She's obsessed. I love it.
Now i am here in Ephraim ready to plunge into some homework. YAY. Thanks for your sacrifices Martin Luthe so i could have school off.

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