Tuesday, January 12, 2010

beddy bye time.

These eyes are tired eyes.
Tired of trying to go to bed at a decent hour & failing every time. 
Tired of trying to look in the fridge & make something yummy for dinner.
Tired of not having time to close their eyelids over them & enjoy a mid day naparoo. In case you missed it, I am tired today- & oh so much homework to do...already.
My hair was the bane of my existence today. I woke up with the plan to curl it. As you can see that is exactly what I did. It didn't take too long considering I had showered the night before. As I was a curlin & a wirlin my brain had one of those awful ah-ha! moments. I had signed up for Institute at 9:30 a.m. What time did my cellular say it was? 9:22. And i still had the top layer of hair to go. Uh-Oh. No in class spiritual enlightenment for me today. Maybe I'll make it next time. Maybe the smile in that picture is deceiving. Maybe not.

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