Friday, January 1, 2010

2010-365 Days.

It's amazing to me that it is the year 2010. Holy cow. Where has the time gone? (I'm so glad it's 2010 I hated writing 2009 on all my papers.. the "9" always looked awkward to me.) It feels like it was the year 2000 2 months ago. And now, lookaroo it is a whole new decade. It is amazing to me in so many ways where i am in life. I am so lucky. Lucky to have such a fun family who loves & supports me. Lucky to have the ability to go to Snow & have roommates who keep me laughing. Lucky to have such fun & hilarious friends who are not only incredibly funny, but make me want to become better. Lucky to have the gospel in my life. One of my goals this year is to be more like my mom and document/journal my life better. Therefore my goal is to blog something every single day. Hopefully i can get in the habit and ultimately become a better record keeper. So mom, this blog is for you.
Last night for NEW YEARS EVE I spent the first part of my night with family. We ate pizza and ate treats while playing a 2 1/2+ hour game of Monopoly. Yikes. It was fun but that game is longo bongo. Kenzie was nice enough to have a party at her house it was so fun. All of our friends were in attendance (except for those that were on missions). We talked, played games like spoons and bunko, ate yummy food and had a fun time. I love spending time with my high school friends. They are so good to me. p.s. thanks for the glasses & matching headgear mom.

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